Veinte Victoria introduced supercharged V8

San Antonio ( USA ), May 8, 2015

The San Antonio ( Texas ) Settled Tuner Arturo Alonso and his company Gull Wing America ( GWA ) are known for opulent Classic transformations. From old to new or like the other way around ?? The main thing it falls on. With special preference is dedicated GWA old Daimlern, but the latest project goes more in the direction " Burger, pomade, leather jacket ".

Planned 20 copies

GWA has in fact caught a 1954 Studebaker Commander. The only car that could win the Carrera Panamericana 20 times. According to the tribute is also " Veinte Victorias ", ie " 20 wins ". GWA want ?? unsurprisingly ?? Build 20 copies. 19 of which will be auctioned off and get a yellow paint. The serial number is black and one is to act as pace car at next Carreras.

Corvette V8 with 620 hp

As a worthy drive for Veinte Victorias GWA believes the LS9-6,2 - liter supercharged V8 from the Corvette with 620 hp and manual six-speed gearbox. In addition, benefiting the old Studebaker from a reinforced tubular frame, new Brembo brakes, designed by GWA 19 - inch wheels and an exhaust system of Fabspeed. The classic body is to be refreshed throughout the gull-wing America - style with modern elements. When the 19 Veinte Victorias hike to auctioneer, is not yet clear. A minimum price is not yet known . ( sw )