Update for the Mercedes - terrain icon

Stuttgart, May 4, 2015

In a more than 35-year long history, the model Mercedes G-Class look back now. Here, the cult vehicle was kept with the latest technology on the cutting edge and continuously adapted to the needs of SUV clientele. For the current model year 2015, the update was not yet made ​​, but now sends the Swabian carmaker terrain veteran Compulsory Fresh cure. From mid-year, the revised G - classes will be available for purchase.

What is and what is not?

G - typical is the modern classic continues to the lead frame base. Also, the permanent four-wheel drive, the range gearbox and three selectable differential locks while driving remained untouched. The standard suspension was retuned, however. ESP, ABS and ASR have also been optimized. On request also has a new adjustable damping in the program ( only in the G 500 ).

Optics update

As usual, keep the optical innovations at the G-Class in lifting limits: There are new bumpers and the now standard on all models AMG fender flares. The entry-level G - Klässchen 350 d is now at the factory on 18 - inch wheels. In addition, new finishes for outdoor use are available. In the interior, the revision limited to a new instrument cluster with 11.4-centimeter multifunction display, new hands and dials.

Special Edition Model 463

If you want to visually stand out from the big G - class ground, may choose a new AMG Special Edition model called 463. Among other things, an underride protection made ​​of stainless steel, lateral sports stripes and 21-inch wheels lift off the exterior of standard G - models. Inside, the Edition 463 comes up with more leather, contrast stitching and carbon fiber elements. As a basis for the special model are the AMG versions.

Engine update in the 'normal' G

Under the beefy hood the G-Class the other hand is doing something: the power of the three-liter V6 diesel engine in the G 350 d increased from 211 to 245 hp. The maximum torque climbs from 540 to 600 Newton meters. The G 500 receives an entirely new unit. The V8 turbo gasoline engine is already in the new Mercedes - AMG GT and the Mercedes - AMG C 63 used. For use in the G-Class, the four-liter engine was equipped with 422 hp and 610 Newton meters. That's enough to adequately compensate for the aerodynamic weaknesses and the G 500 in 5.9 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h.

Engine update the site - AMG's

The 5.5-liter V8 petrol engine in the AMG G 63 is from the middle of 2015 571 hp afford ( an increase of 27 hp ) and up to 760 Nm of torque offer. Top model with top engine is the AMG G 65: In the cabinet wall of the already brutal 6.0-liter V12 makes 630 hp and then sends a maximum of 1,000 Newton meters of torque to the wheels. The receipt? In 5.3 seconds, the top G-Class will be able to complete the standard sprint from rest to 100 in the future. Whether the prices are raised in line with work, is not yet known . (ml)