Uniti One: Sweden-Stromer

Landskrona (Sweden), 8. December 2017

New Standards in the areas of sustainability, safety and convenience: The objectives of the Uniti, a Swedish Start-up company, not to sound modest. With small and affordable electric cars you want to shake up the market. Now the first model presented, the Uniti One.

Steering via a Joystick

What makes the Uniti One say? He has a very smooth sanded, the Format seems to Smart to be level, (dimensions not yet been promulgated) and the steeply raked windscreen extends well over the head of the driver. When One is a two seater. There are two control options: traditionally, by the steering Wheel or using a joystick. Is promised a range of 300 kilometers with a 22-kilowatt-hour battery. To a Wallbox, a full charge will take three hours and ten minutes, with quick loaders power for 200 kilometres in 30 minutes is possible. In Sport mode, it takes, according to the Uniti, the Sprint from zero to 80 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, with a maximum of 130 km/h are possible.

Deliveries from 2019

Plans are also on four - and five-seat models, the first deliveries should take place in 2019. As a price range Uniti called 14.900 to 19.900 euros. More than 1,000 pre-orders should already be in place, for a fully-refundable EUR 149 can join online for new, interested parties. Future Uniti-drivers in Sweden have the possibility, the One in the MediaMarkt stores in Malmö and Stockholm. The electrical trade is a chain of retail partners of Uniti.(rh)