Unique on the block

Monterey, August 18, 2015

If you like is at the center, should look at this Elfer Porsche closer. For him there is no passenger seat, but the driver's seat moved to the center. And with it the steering wheel, the pedals and the instruments. Next to the right hiked the center console, the handbrake handle and the gear lever. Was inspired by the unusual interior McLaren P1, which thus on the track provides balanced weight distribution.

Seating is transversely

The basis of the unique forms a Porsche 911 Carrera S from 2008 with 355 hp six-cylinder boxer and six-speed manual transmission. The car was converted from the Trinity Motorsports Group in Lima / Ohio on behalf of a customer in 2012. In addition to the technically elaborate reconstruction of the operating and other solutions were needed: To make it easier for the driver to get off, the central Cobra racing seat on rails can flick left to move the driver's door.

300 hours

The project devoured at least 300 man-hours and the equivalent of nearly 68,000 euros and additionally there is the acquisition price for the Porsche itself. The car has the equivalent of about 49,000 kilometers down and was supposed at the Monterey Car Week ( 10 to 16 August 2015) by the auction house Mecum will be auctioned off. According to the website of the auctioneer but can currently ( August 18, 2015 ) are still bid on. Currently are $ 65,000, the equivalent of about 58,700 euros, as a high bid. However, the auction house expects a revenue of at least $ 85,000 (about 76,780 euros ) . ( hd )