Turbo monster loses its roof

Maranello, 29 July 2015

At Ferrari you can just still leave: If a new V8 - athletes from Maranello appear, inevitably a few months later the counterpart roofless follows. The surprise about the Ferrari 488 Spider ?? a 488 GTB for sun, as you may have guessed by now ?? therefore remains limited. An incredible spectacle is the new course anyway.

Heavy, but just as quickly

As befits a modern Ferrari, it's next to a pine hanging out look especially at confusing brilliant technique and very powerful figures. The 488 Spider is as stiff as the coupe and thus 23 percent less flexible than its predecessor, according to Ferrari 458 Spider. Of course, the new 3.9 - liter twin-turbo V8 travels along with all his crazy performance by GTB-into Spider-tail. It delivers 670 hp and 760 Newton meters and pushes the open 488, despite a weight surcharge of 50 kilograms ( ready to ride the 488 Spider now comes to 1,525 kilograms ) in the same 3.0 seconds to 100 km / h, also needs the 488 GTB. The sprint and 200 km / h takes, just as in the coupe, only 8.7 seconds, and the end is only when more than 325 km / h.

More electronics, more fun

The best help for all the power comes from Ferraris super clever and flattering the driver electronics gimmicks. The main role is played by the second generation of grandiose Side Slip Angle Control. Ferrari promises better by twelve percent acceleration of the curve. Important for the fun: It helps you to create extremely interesting drift angle even when standing on her passport not Röhrl or Vettel.

On and on in 14 seconds

Anything body technically from 458 Spider left is the two-piece, electric folding roof, approaching in 14 seconds or. Aerodynamically trumps the 488 Spider with a new Unterzugsspoiler and a smoother underbody with vortex generators. In addition, you can height adjustment electric glass rear window in three positions, depending on how much air you would like to be swirling around his own Ever. However, we recommend the slices always go all the way down so that as much kapitales V8 screams as possible penetrates to the own ear.

Debut at the IAA

The prices for the 488 Spider is Ferrari has not yet expressed. But one adapts the almost 24,000 euros topless surcharge of 458 Spider, should the open 488 start at about 230,000 euros. The main competition comes in the form of at least 209 774 euro expensive Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet and the McLaren 650S Spider for 255,000 euros. World Premiere of the Ferrari 488 Spider at the Frankfurt IAA ( 17 to 27 September 2015) . ( sw )