Toyota will start field trials Practical test for charging infrastructure

Practical test for charging infrastructure

Toyota is from November 2012 to March 2013 in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi perform a series of tests to build charging stations for plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric cars. Together with two local governments and ten businesses the practical application of the charging stations is examined.

Currently putting up charging stations in Japan is at the discretion of commercial and non - commercial institutions. In the field test, it 's all about finding optimal locations for the construction of charging stations as well as the testing of billing methods. This standard charging stations are at the center, which are suitable for plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric cars to keep installation costs low.

Tried this also a new, powered by coin charger based on the " G - Station " developed by Toyota Media Service Corporation, which is used to study different billing methods and pricing structures will be about 20 new standard charging stations are also in shops, public facilities and parking lots erected and similar positions, to analyze usage patterns, locations and operating modes with the wireless function of the G - stations is also being studied as part of the field test, which information is provided and may be useful for operators as customers. ( ampnet / JRI )