Touchscreens at Volvo switch superfluous

switch superfluous

A touch screen in portrait mode and seven buttons on the center console - so that will set new standards for ease of use in the next Volvo XC90. The flagship of the Swedish premium manufacturer, the new comes on the market early next year, omitted in the interior almost entirely on switches and knobs.

The driver controls all important functions via the touch screen in the center console, which works like a tablet. Behind the multifunction steering wheel, a digital instrument display is retained, while the main information displayed on the head-up display. In addition, the model has voice control.

" Sensus " call Sweden their infotainment system. Volvo promises a simple and intuitive operation, which distract the driver as little as possible from the traffic. The system also offers many other features such as cloud-based apps. Even Apple iOS devices can be integrated on and use the touch screen.

The screen in the center console is divided into flexible "tiles", each representing a key feature: The navigation is at the top, media and telephone follow below, and the air conditioning is the foundation. In case of contact, the respective tile enlarged, the other shrink, but are still visible and can be activated. The user does not need to return to the main menu in order to change the functions.

About Sensus, the driver will also receive access to numerous apps. This cloud-based services, which differ depending on the market include, among other things, Internet radio stations, music streaming services, navigation and searching for parking, for which the parking fee is also equal settled automatically.

The first Volvo model, the new Volvo XC90 also features Apple Carplay. Thus, the known from iPad, iPhone and iPod functions and services can use in the car and display it on the large touch screen in the center console. ( ampnet / jri )