Tops and Flops: Safely through the winter

Stuttgart, 12 September 2014

You want it do not actually have true, but the coming winter is already at the door again. In the cold season car tires are the most rigorous demands. Not only that, wet, slush, snow and ice on the roadway increasing the risk of slipping, alone low temperatures have on dry pavement significant impact on driving safety. Whether and how current winter tires meet these challenges and how the technical state of the generation of tires for the upcoming winter 2014/15, the GTÜ has tested Society for Technical Supervision in winter use.

The frame of the tire tests

Together with the German Automobile Club ACE and the ARBÖ in Austria has ten current winter tires 205/55 R 16 size subjected to a VW Golf a winter check the GTÜ. Results: All the tires tested completed the program on snow and wet conditions without major gaffe, the differences are rather small. Even during emergency braking on dry road from rest to 100 all tires tested came to no later than 40 meters to a halt. In comparison to summer tires, this means a half to a full car length more. Also on the dry handling course is the difference with summer tires is not as serious as it was a few years ago.

Place 1 and Place 2

As a winner with the GTÜ - rated " highly recommended" the Nokian WR D3 crystallized ( 394 euros per set). The Finnish tire could convince traction, braking and handling in the disciplines, so the GTÜ. The safety tests on wet and dry roads completed the winning tire blameless. Second place with also "highly recommended" occupied the Continental TS 850 ( 470 euros per set). He surpassed all competitors in the test discipline " wet ".

The other ranks 3-10

On the third and fourth follow with " very recommendable " tire Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 ( 452 euros per set) and the Dunlop Winter Sport D4 ( 454 euros per set). Only slightly behind five to ten "recommended" in the squares with the evaluation, the gums Semperit Speed ​​Grip 2 ( 402 pack per euro ), the Pirelli Snow Control 3 ( 444 euros per set), the Hankook Winter i * cept RS ( 390 € per set ), the Vredestein Snowtrac 5 ( 434 euros per set), the Bridgestone Blizzak LM 32 ( 420 euros per set) and the Kumho I ?? ZEN KW23 ( 350 euros per set).

Winter tires are mandatory in Germany

In Germany there is a situational winter tires are mandatory ( also all-season tires are allowed). Since 4 December 2010 may, regardless of the season, be driven in snow, ice, frost or slush smoothness only with tires that have a snowflake symbol or carry the identifier M + S. If you are caught without these tires, threaten 40 euro fine. If in addition the traffic impeded, 80 euros are due. In the event of an accident may void the insurance coverage. (ml)