Tire test Eco, but surely

Eco, but surely

Black and round are all but in driving behavior are clear differences. In one test, three ├ľkoreifen were assessed as particularly safe.

Produce a tire that saves fuel and at the same time, even on wet pavement brakes still good, is not so simple. In a recent tire test of the magazine "Auto Bild" three well-known manufacturers have been awarded as "exemplary ", while others will not only save on fuel, but also on the security.

The Dunlop tires (sports, BluResponse 91V, approx 80 euros ) and Goodyear (Efficient Grip Performance 91V ) cut off with a neat fuel-saving potential and convincing road performance. Also as "exemplary " rated the Pirelli Cinturato P7 reviewer Blue 94V, but he had a moderate rolling resistance.

Judged well cut the Michelin Energy Saver + 91V, the Continental EcoContact 5 and 94V Yokohama Blue Earth AE-50 91V from. The Bridgestone Ecopia EP001S 91V rated the examiners as conditionally recommended, as weaknesses They named among other things, extended wet braking distances. The tire country Sail LS 91W 388 came with the verdict "not recommended" by the test. Were tested included aquaplaning, handling, braking, rolling noise, rolling resistance and fuel consumption.