Thus, the E-Type is better than new

Schwalbach, November 12, 2015

Since its launch at the Geneva Motor Show 1961, the Jaguar E-Type is one of the most beautiful sports cars ever to have left the British Isles. Even Enzo Ferrari fell in love with the classics with the long hood. Thus this devotion still may persist for a long time, Jaguar has now taken all the body parts in his " Heritage " program, the owners of classic Jaguar possible to buy authentic spare parts.

Better than the original

But first all the components have been laser-scanned and then transferred to a CAD program. This technique guarantees a perfect fit to the fraction of a millimeter. Jaguar himself who speaks in connection with the parts of it that this is now " better than the original " were. Original factory documents and modern tools to ensure the quality of parts.

Secured Parts Supply

In addition to the body parts Jaguar also offers three Auspuffkitt, which also arose after the original model designations. Customers can more than 30,000 parts for every Jaguar, which is older than ten years, available from 24 dealers across Germany. So a long life classics, nothing stands in the way . ( mf )