This is the new over-M5

Munich, 22 July 2016

Say hello to the new BMW M5 competition Edition. Don't worry because of the slightly bumpy name and you rejoice. Especially if you got any of the 300 M5 "30 years Edition" two years ago. Now BMW sets the strongest M5 of ever again? Their internal decision making Commission should meet but quickly, because of the new over-M5, there will be only 200 pieces.

In less than four seconds to 100 km/h

As the anniversary model, the performance of the Twin-Turbo 4.4-liter V8, also at the "edition of the competition" increases to 600 HP and 700 nm of torque. An increase of the boost pressure and a little file at the engine electronics are to blame for this. In the rear-wheel drive, but of course the standard 295er 20 inch rear whimper for mercy now. The 0-100 km/h Sprint takes just 3.9 seconds and thus 0.4 seconds shorter than in the standard M5. For comparison: audis steam hammer pendant, the RS 7 performance comes with 605 Horsepower and flies in 3.7 seconds on country road pace (with all-wheel drive however). The top speed is as always at 250 km/h, but can be lifted for an additional fee to 305 km/h. As the name suggests, it is based on an M5 with competition package new "edition of the competition". This is very gratifying, because the latter changed the driving behavior of power sedan by its kernigere chassis, steering and control systems vote to the positive.

More confident serve

Visually you can see the latest special-M5 gloss black kidney especially in the paint (per 100 copies are dipped in carbon black and mineral white) and a bunch of carbon rear diffuser, spoiler lip, and outside mirrors. He is also on the same, deliciously delicate 20-inch, which adorned at the time the "30 years M5". Inside, there are black leather seats with white stitching and carbon interior trim strips on which to read is that it is one of only 200 lucky. The exclusive fun must be worth a but also a few thousands. The price for the BMW M5 "Edition of the competition" is namely at least 129.500 euro. Compared with a M5 with competition package, this corresponds to a premium of almost 17,000 euros. (black & white)