This is the new Audi RS 4

Frankfurt, 12. September 2017

To transport one of the fastest and coolest types, a lot of people and objects? To enter it, the Audi RS 4 Avant was always in the front of the. It is now in the fourth Generation and what's going us, Audi is presenting as at the Frankfurt IAA in 2017, again clearly in the direction of the "absolute multi-Coolness". Mainly because of the 2018er RS 4 returns somewhat to his roots. Yes, he throws away two-cylinder and brings, instead of two Turbos. As in the RS 5, there is now a 2.9-Liter twin-turbo V6 with 450 HP and 600 Newton meters. From 0 to 100 km/h to happen in 4.1 seconds, with the optional RS dynamics package of up to 280 km/h top are in it.

30 mm wide

What concerns the exterior Design, the current A4 in part, quite nice on the hat. The new RS 4 this should not happen. The front and rear of the wheel arches, thresholds of 30 mm, there are 19-inch wheels (20-inchers are optional), and the typical oval tailpipes-ball men at the rear. Nice nostalgic: The Nogaro blue paint is a tribute to the glorious Audi RS2, the granddaddy of all fast Ingolstadt-folds.

80 pounds lighter

The whole technique-the Rest is, in principle, from the RS 5 is known. This means: eight-speed automatic, variable four-wheel drive and the optional sport differential. Compared to a Standard A4 with sports suspension, the new RS moves 4 Avant again to seven millimeters at the bottom. For a surcharge, there are adaptive dampers, variable sport steering and ceramic brakes. With a weight of 1.790 pounds, the new RS 4 is positive 80 pounds lighter than its predecessor and, thanks to the new drive, he should eyes, also 17 percent less Fuel.

Hopefully better than the RS 5

Inside there are the usual RS-Goodies with sports seats, flattened steering Wheel, illuminated door sills, or special RS-graphics for the Virtual Cockpit. All of that sounds on paper like always tons of fun, but we still have a small hook. Exactly: The all-new RS 5, the RS 4 shares much of the technology, also promised a lot, but when Driving. We hope that Audi Sport is scratching with his latest Avant the curve. The market launch takes place at the beginning of 2018, the prices start at for 79,800 Euro.(sw)