This is the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53

Affalterbach/Detroit, 15. January 2018

Who listens to AMG, probably thinks first and foremost of archaic V8's roar and lots of Smoke and smoke. But AMG and hybridization? Since the typical Affalterbach-Aficionado is likely to load on the chin for the time belonging to the bottom flaps. Well, get used to better it. Because at the Detroit Motor Show in 2018 (15. to 28. January) shows the fast force to Tobias Moers, their first electrified model. Well, actually, there are three electrified models, more on that later.

In 4.5 seconds to 100 km/h

Star of the Affalterbach-based electro-Show, the new Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 4Matic+. And with it a new hierarchy in the Swabian Performance-Portfolio: 63 is, as in the past, "Hardcore range-topping, twin-turbo V8". 53 is to say, in the future, "a little less Hardcore, in-line six-cylinder Turbo with electric auxiliary compressor, 48-Volt on-Board network and a small electric motor (a. k. a start the generator)". To allow for AMG-typical performance, but at the same time fuel consumption and emissions in check. In the case of the CLS 53 this: The 3.0-Liter means-six-cylinder engine generates 435 HP and 520 Newton metres, the so-called EQBoost-start generator boosts for a short time with 22 HP and 250 Newton meters. A nine-speed Speedshift automatic transmission and AMGs variables 4Matic+all-wheel drive the power is transmitted to the road. Despite a substantial weight of 1,980 pounds, it goes in 4.5 seconds from 0-100 km/h, optional up to 270 km/h top are in it. The consumption is, according to AMG at 8.4 liters.

Known from the S 500

The drive might seem familiar to you. This is because you can get it for a few months already in the S-500-Facelift. The slightly slimmed-down version you find in the bow of the CLS 450, here with 367 HP and 500 Newton-meters. The S 500, we were able to drive already. By means of the electric auxiliary compressor, the throttle response was really very spontaneous. The car was insanely fast, it lacked a little in character and sound. Here should be improved for a usual emotional AMG experience. The advantages of the system: The start-generator (combined starter and alternator) takes the next start-up support for more hybrid functions such as recuperation, or sail, and should contribute to fuel savings. Due to the absence of the classic belt drive for auxiliary units, the overall length of the six-cylinder shrinks. This allows the engine more and more efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment.

For the first time, four round tailpipes

For all the effort to stinginess of the CLS-53 but it is still an AMG. At least it is intended so, and that's why he may look a whole corner krawalliger: please Note the black grille that was previously reserved for the V8-steam hammers. You should also note a more aggressive front apron, laszivere side skirts, a newly formed rear bumper with four round tailpipes, as well as the highly visible spoiler lip on the trunk lid. As standard, the CLS is inch speakers, 53 to 19-. Optional 20-inchers are available. The interior of the 53 is different from the rest of the CLS models, with specific AMG seats, a new AMG Performance steering Wheel, red seat belts and trim elements in Carbon or glass fiber. What relates to the interior colors and materials, the Designer also solid.

CLS 53 gets a sportier suspension

For the driving pleasure AMG equipped the CLS 53, the in-house air suspension with a modified spring-damper Setup and a special vote of the steering. In addition, there is a stiffer front suspension with new uprights and Balljoints. For both axles camber and a stiffer Elastokinematics, the following applies: the More Negative.

'53-models for the E-class coupe and convertible

Everything you have read up to here, the CLS 53 4Matic+, also applies for the two-door variants of the E-class. Say: in the Future, the top models of these two versions of the Mercedes-AMG E 53 coupe and E 53 convertible hot. Like it model comes with the E-class sedan and T-, is still unclear. So far, here is the Mercedes-AMG E 43 4Matic with 401 HP and without electric support. It is clear however: The typical Edition of 1 with a particularly high-quality equipment is also offered to the market launch of the CLS 53.(sw)