This is the Hyundai Veloster N

Detroit, 16. January 2018

Do you still remember the Hyundai Veloster? We need to ask, because although the small Schrägling was offered in Germany from 2011 to 2016, it is expected that they do not come all too often, the pleasure of a direct encounter. Sometimes the niche is a bit too small. In the United States, however, the matter looks quite different. The first Veloster-Generation was a Hit. Whether it was the surprisingly good suspension? Or the strange, asymmetrical physique, with a door on one side and two doors on the other side? In any case, the Yanks get – different than we are – now a second-Generation. And presented by Hyundai was just at the NAIAS in 2018 in Detroit.

275-HP Turbo

A point of criticism on the Hyundai Veloster was always the urge to be a lack of forward. These times should now be over for good, because with the Premiere of the normal Veloster, this very blue guy made his debut here. It's called the Veloster N, and splits the 275-HP 2.0-Liter Turbo, as well as various other mechanical components with the Hyundai i30, just arrived in Europe on the market and in the first Test as the bears are strong compact athlete-an Alternative could be. Well, and what we have with the i30 N, gets America now with the Veloster N.


The entire Armada (and there are really very many) of the driving modes is provided as well as an electronic front-axle-locking differential or a manual six-speed circuit with electronic double-declutching function. 18-inch wheels are standard, with a surcharge but there are also 19-inch wheels with Pirelli Pzero tyres. As with the i30 N dynamic implementation for driving a Team of Ex-BMW M development chief Albert Biermann, responsible. So, you can assume that the Veloster N is very presentable around the corner. The special N-Design looks familiar. As with the i30 N, there is the stand-alone blue lacquer with red and black accents. The Veloster retains its unusual door Layout and the well-known lines. The Front and rear but change to a adult, more focused and less playful than before.

For More Veloster Versions

A word to the civilised Veloster versions: they will not be initially available in Europe. The drive is a 2.0-Liter naturally-aspirated gasoline engine with 140 HP and a 1.6-Liter Turbo with 201 HP. The power is transmitted via a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch to the front wheels.

Presentation on various platforms

So these days, celebrated the new Hyundai Veloster its Premiere not only at the Detroit Motor Show. You can run It now in the video game Forza Motorsport 7, or in a Film called "Ant-Man and the Wasp" to admire. A real consolation to this is of course not. But the fact that we don't get the Veloster N, we are really self-blame. Fortunately, the i30 N is not the worst Alternative.(sw)