This is the future of formula 1?

Milan, 7. August 2017

Milan's Antonio Paglia is the talented artist behind these impressive Renderings. The goal: to show The personal Vision of his favorite sports. It builds on a kind of fighter-pilot style, what fits well to the introduction of the so-called Halo-system-for-formula-1-season 2018. However, Paglias proposal from a purely aesthetic point of view, a much better impression, if only because he – in this case, the glass head protection is significantly more beautiful in the clear kurvigeren race car body integrated.

Legends in lacquer

Paglia has designed his cars for the year 2025. Nevertheless, the formula-1 will have noticed-Fans among them, that the liveries of the major models pay tribute to from the past. For example, the McLaren MP4/4 with the number 12, which was piloted by none other than the legendary Ayrton Senna. The Ferrari with the number 18 is a futuristic Interpretation of the 1967 racing car of Lorenzo Bandini. In that year he died after an accident at the Monaco Grand Prix. The Williams with the number 5, in turn, is a tribute to Damon Hill piloted the world champion car of 1996.

The big engines are well past

It would be pretty interesting to observe how the vehicles between now and the middle of the next decade to develop. Especially when you take into account that the world's most important Motorsport is now in the hands of Liberty Media. The enthusiasts will hope that there is still space for the internal combustion engine. Designer Paglia argues in his F1-a Vision for the Hybrid drive. Of course, many Fans would be of the V12 engine, the tendons, the the formula 1 in its heyday of the late 80s and early 90s began. Or the V10 engines, which were introduced to the season in 1996. In 2006, the formula 1 has changed to the V8, finally, in 2014 on the V6. A reversal to more cylinders at the moment seems utopian, however.

Probably to drastically

No matter how it goes with the engines, the Designs, the think of Antonio Paglia for the formula 1 of the future, are really impressive. However, it is hard to imagine that we will experience within the next eight years, such a drastic transformation of the king's class race cars. As a consolation, only the views of the wonderful pictures. 28 of which you can find in our picture gallery.(sw)