This is the fastest car on earth

London, September 25, 2015

Some people is " incredibly fast " simply not fast enough. This group also Andy Green, his character is one of the world record holder for the highest driven land speed. 1227.9 km / h drove the Briton in his Thrust SSC already scarce 1997. Seven years ago, he and his team the follow-up project in front. Now it is almost ready: 2016 held the first test drives. The car, the Bloodhound SSC is now on display in London, 8,000 visitors have already announced their participation.

Record vehicle Oversized

More than eight years of development, design and production put in Bloodhound project, on which more than 350 companies and universities are involved. The vehicle is impressive not only because of its speed: With a length of 13.5 meters and two meters high tail fin it is hard not to be classified as the Bloodhound car.

Three engines, 135,000 hp

Under the Carbon dress streamlined projectile stuck three engines, which together produce an output of 135,000 hp. That's more than produce nine full Formula 1 starting fields or 180 single Formula 1 cars. But to drive the fuel pump, a V8 engine with 550 hp Jaguar is installed. These exorbitant performance make the Bloodhound the strongest land vehicle of all time. From zero to 1609 km / h it goes in 55 seconds back to a standstill, it takes 65 seconds. The engines gobble up in three seconds enough air to draw an entire family house empty: 64.000 liters per second. During Speed ​​Limit phase of Bloodhound runs around 500 meters per second.

High-tech cockpit

In one-piece carbon-fiber monocoque is also the work of Andy Green: A cockpit with a digital dashboard, twelve cameras, sensors 500 and Rolex instruments ?? If the digital system fails. Three braking systems ?? including parachute ?? understands and seven fire extinguishers provide active and passive safety on board the world record vehicle. During braking needs Andy Green deceleration values ​​of three g endure. This is comparable to a collision, in which one pops at 100 km / h on a stationary object. Some call it an accident, Andy Green calls it a world record.

Record attempt in South Africa

2016 the Bloodhound start its triumphal procession. It starts with the rollout on a British airport, at the first time " only " 200 mph ?? ie 321 km / h ?? are being targeted, a functional test quasi. Then it goes to South Africa, more specifically in the dry bed of Lake Hakseen. This with a length of 19 kilometers and a width of three offers ideal conditions. An army of 317 volunteers has already moved to create a perfect level in advance 15,800 tons of rock. In the first experiment in the year 2016 800 miles an hour are targeted ( 1287 km / h ). Then it goes back to the whole troop into English headquarters, to evaluate the collected data. 2017 then the world record attempt and restart the Bloodhound SSC the targeted best value of 1,000 miles per hour reached ( 1609 km / h ) . ( mf )