This is the entry-level convertible

Stuttgart, 3 June 2016

At the Geneva Auto Show in 2016, Mercedes showed the first convertible on the basis of the c-class. Now is the entry in the fresh air of the Stuttgart world. The cheapest model begins at 42.215 euros. Upwards almost limitless options and configure rage.

More power costs more money

The c-class convertible comes with ten different performance levels of 156 HP in the C 180 42.215 euros up to 510 HP in the AMG C 63 S for 91.689 euro. Various models such as the C 220 d, C 200 and 400 C are offered as "4Matic" all-wheel drive version. The cheapest diesel in the C 220 d 170 horsepower and costs 46.737 Euro 51.616 euro with all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. As standard, the convertible is 15 mm lower than the sedan, for an additional fee, there is either a firmer Sport suspension or an electronically controlled air suspension.

Many supplement list

The option list for the c-class convertible is long and varied. The base convertible from Mercedes is customisable by the multi-layered acoustic hood in four different colors for about 298 euros on a head-up display for 1,178 euro up to the trim level AMG line for 2.499 euro. The neck heating "Airscarf" is further mentioned although in the press release, but is currently not available due to a patent dispute.

Safe open-top driving

You will find everything that you know in terms of safety, assistance systems, and part of autonomous driving already from the c-class sedan, wagon, and Coupé, also in the new convertible. In addition, there is a roll-over protection system, which pyrotechnically shoots out in case of emergency behind the rear seats, as well as a climate system developed specifically for the open c-class that adjusts its vote, as soon as you open the roof. (mf)