This is the Bugatti Chiron sports

Geneva, 6. March 2018

Geneva, the epicenter is traditionally very, very unreasonable and expensive sports cars. This copy here so it fits on the 2018er auto salon, including the famous fist in the eye. You are welcome with us the new Bugatti Chiron sports, the first stage of the mighty Chiron. A bit of a surprise: the Sport has squeezed any extra power from the omnipotent 8.0-Liter sixteen-cylinder. It remains, therefore, at 1,500 HP. The acceleration values are also the same. Hm, what's the matter there? Now, when Chiron, the focus is rather on a better race track Performance. Yes, you heard right: This is a Bugatti Chiron for the Track. This is due to a new Handling Pack, a little less weight and the ... the windshield wiper is made of Carbon.

With curvier vote

So, what is – alongside the ultra-lightweight, high-tech wipers – new? Now, the engineers of the steamers have made ten per cent stiffer and the steering modified. We are promised, however, that the "extraordinarily direct feel" nothing has changed. Thanks be to God. A bit was also filed on the rear axle-limited-slip differential. And you only treat the Chiron Sport, a Dynamic Torque-Vectoring function, which is probably worth Gold, if one chases distance at the speed of a medium rocket on the Nordschleife.

18 pounds lighter

Overall, the Chiron were also 18 kilos in weight. Responsible for this are: Lighter wheels, a Stabilizer and charge air cooler Cover made from Carbon, grazileres glass for the rear window, and a lighter Heat shield for the exhaust, and of course the heroic carbon fiber wiper. The latter save at least 1.4 km and go through to a production car as an absolute world premiere. Also, you have aluminum heads out of the 3D printer. It is simply fascinating.

Five seconds faster in Nardo

If you're wondering what exactly all this effort is good, then you said: The Chiron Sport is on the handling course of Nardo exactly five seconds faster than his "normal" brother. A lap time itself is not called. But if you are a customer who wants to drive his Chiron "even sportier and more lateral dynamics on curvy stretches of wishes", then you are exactly right. On the longitudinal dynamics, it can also be located. We remember: Chiron makes 0-100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, crack the 0-300 km/h in 13.6 seconds and 420 km/h top running.

In the Grill a decent 16

So that everyone can see that you are driving the sport version of the brachial most production cars in the world, gets to make the Chiron sports four round tailpipes, sports-Logos at entry and centre console, black anodised start button, and drive mode switch, as well as some new options in terms of paints and interior colors. Oh Yes, a huge "16" painted on them on the Grill. So you don't forget what's in the back to cylinders.

2.65 million Euro before taxes

The Geneva Version shown resplendent in Red and Black. Inside, it is almost exclusively black. With leather, Alcantara and Carbon. The base price for the Chiron Sport is at 2.65 million euros. Before taxes, mind you. Bugatti prides itself voluntarily so that the issued exhibition vehicle is available with a price of 2.98 million euros in net probably the most expensive of the entire Geneva motor show. If you approach it like a similar offense: The first deliveries of the Chiron Sport are planned for the end of 2018.(sw)