The ultimate fishing accessory

Crewe (United Kingdom), 19 July 2016

Bentley has now also a true angler accessory on sale. As economical as a bait bag or what you need for the hobby, Bentayga fly fishing isn't Mulliner by course. When the normal Bentayga, nothing goes under 208.488 euros, and the new customized version will be clear about it.

Everything for a successful day on the river

The special Bentayga should have everything on board, what you need for a successful day on the river. Four fishing rods in special leather quivers for example, hiding under the storage space cover, or a few nets in matching leather covers. But three larger, saddle leather boxes occupy the major part of the trunk: one for the fishing gear, one for the snack and one (waterproof and neoprene-lined) for wet fishing pants and boots.

Fly tying stick to the snack box

In the fishing box, there is a Walnut veneered drawer which contains a fly tying stock passionate fly fisherman know, it is a kind of tripod with the fix (consisting of fur, feathers or plain plastic) "flies" on the hook. There are also various strings, hook and bait. One floor deep there's four rollers machined from aluminum block is what it boosts up the cord. The snack box contains up to three metal bottles for beverages as well as porcelain dishes and a separate compartment for the snack. The container can be removed also as a whole and serve as a seat. The other two elements can be made out of the trunk, if the total storage space is needed.

Dehumidifier and logo spotlight

A water resistant trunk floor and a bumper are also part of the equipment as an electric dehumidifier to keep the Bentayga interior despite the wet clothes dry. Light the bottom of the door, the Bentley-are among the other equipment and project Mulliner logos on the ground as soon as you open a door. Whoever wants to can also opt for an any other logo or graphic.

Eight modes plus four suspension modes

As off-road capable SUV, the Bentayga brings the angler in secluded chases with his 608 HP W12 engine. The driving mode option includes up to eight operating modes that allow off-road use. The meters show the driver of this slope, cross slope, wheel steering angle, steering angle, direction and height. Also the standard air suspension modes to choose from are the Bentayga driver: high 2, high 1, normal, and low. So 2 is for example the correct setting for the hard rough high. To facilitate the input and unloading, as well as towing the car via a switch in the trunk can be lower. (sl)