The ultimate E-bike costs 30,000 euros

The Hague (Netherlands), May 9, 2016

Normal E-bikes cost around 1,500 to 3,500 euros. Expensive compared to normal bicycles, but a snap against the bike from the Dutch manufacturer Trefecta, which costs tens of thousands of euros. But the noble mountain is also the ultimate under the E-bikes.

Technically possible are 70 km/h

Its quite martial appearance the wheel owes to the fact that it was once developed for the military. The frame consists of aluminium and with its massive construction more reminiscent of motor as on bicycles. It follows a pretty happ-weight of 38 kilos the most normal E-bikes are between 20 and 30 kg. But the Trefecta is just a normal E-bike. This is evident when the electric motor, which is 4,000 watts. He could accelerate the bike up to 70 km/h.

Pedelec, S Pedelec or without approval

If you however want a wheel that can be used on public roads, one shouldn't restrict the speed Trefecta is this flexible and varies according to the customer's requirements. Pedelecs, where ends the support provided by the electric motor at 25 km/h, and the bicycles are equal are possible. With support up to 45 km/h, the next alternative is a so-called S Pedelec (speed-Pedelec) that is legally treated as a moped. This means that it is flag-, insurance-, driver's license, and helmet. The third alternative is the not street-legal bike with support up to 70 km/h.

Automatic transmission and different suspension forks

All Trefecta wheels have a 14-speed Rohloff hub gear. You need not have to worry that acquires an automatic feature of the Dutch manufacturer Smesh the gear selection. The wheels are spring-mounted front and rear "Fullies". The fork is different depending on the purpose: the "URB" models intended for the use of the city have a one-sided fork with 120 mm travel, the DRT versions intended rather for the grounds have a normal 180 mm fork. The wheels have the typical mountain bike 26-inch format, however, they are not made of aluminium and carbon, and you can replace front and rear wheel easily against one another. The tires, you have the choice of city tyres as the swallow Big Ben and Downhillmodellen like rock razor.

Pre-programmed wheelies

Braking is with 203 mm discs. The system supports even a brake energy regeneration like the hybrid car. Another highlight is the integration of the Smartphone: the mobile phone is used in a bracket on the frame and used except to adjust the springs front and rear as Speedo, and you can choose a wheelie mode with the corresponding angle.

For the price of a VW Passat

Until recently, Trefecta offered four Limited-Edition versions, from the city bike with speed 45 km/h and 100 km range of up to 70 km/h off-road top model fast DRT off-road, which creates only 55 km on one charge. The equipment was different: the URB city models were different than the DRT versions rearview mirror, long aprons, a license plate bracket and reflectors. A price list of the Trefecta bikes not there currently, as CEO communicated us tanning small baltink on request. All wheels are built according to customer requirements. The aforementioned limited-edition wheels are already sold out. Your price is still a clue: they cost not less than 29,500 euros. For that price you get 2 Coupé or a VW Passat for example already a BMW. (sl)