The Tesla killer

Menlo Park (United States), 15 December 2016

How many times has one heard start-up of any, that want to go with a terrifically strong, Super chic electric Tesla-hunting? Most experiments run at some point more or less in the sand, but in this case it could be different. There is talk of the new E-car maker lucid engine from California. And published by its 1,000 HP strong, all-electric luxury sedan lucid air, to the first details were.

650 km range

The air will not only boast a ludicrous performance. Lucid Motors promises a range of 400 miles, so less than 650 kilometres, as well as fast-loading batteries that lose none of their capacity over time and various loads. And that, even though the batteries with Samsung will be developed. At this point your imagination, we chance bad jokes about the long-lasting battery Constitution of the Korean electronics giant.

Formula E supplier

PR technically much more attractive sounds since already the message, the lucid recently as the sole battery supplier for the formula of E was chosen. The current batteries had to be changed so far to race at half-time, but the lucid battery should have enough juice to sustain a whole race. The manufacturer says that its drive train is "smaller, more efficient, and have a higher power density than when the competitors". This statement is intended also as a small greeting to Tesla.

Place as a long S-class

According to Development Minister Peter Rawlinson, the space-saving electric propulsion enables completely new design possibilities. So should the air "space of a S-class long wheel base have, although he is only slightly larger than an E-class and shorter, narrower and flatter than a Tesla model s" And Rawlinson must know it, after all he was one of the brains behind Tesla's success limousine. Derek Jenkins is the man for the lucid design. His curriculum vitae is among other things the current Mazda MX-5. With the air, he recorded a futuristic cool limousines shooting-brake mixture that looks something cool reserved, but very high quality. Inside, there is a real overkill of screens, a lot of glass and very welcoming surcharge Lounge Chair, allowing backwards tilt up to 55 degrees, to create a feeling like in a business-class flight.

Also autonomous

As regards the ability of autonomous driving, remains lucid something restrained. The air is equipped and prepared to drive autonomously. Through regular software upgrades he can be upgraded up to the complete autonomy. Who's driving yourself, receives a rather comfortable tuned car, that but pushing forward is likely as the devil. Lucid speaks of 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) in 2.5 seconds.

From the end of 2018

It may have appeared that the company from nothing comes, lucid however derived from the existing since 2007 battery technology company Atieva. The company headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, the construction of the air will take place but in Arizona and headed by a former BMW production head. All of this doesn't really sounds after the usual start-up air locks. It will take end 2018 yet lucid air in the United States on the market comes. There it is sold "well equipped" for over 100,000 dollars (about 94,000 euros). Models from well 65,000 dollars (about 61,000 euros) will be available at a later date. (black & white)