The Riversimple relies on hydrogen

Powys (Wales), 26 February 2016

Even if most manufacturers have again buried the idea of the hydrogen powered, there are attempts to bring the concept to a mass-grade level again and again. The latest attempt comes from Great Britain and is called Riversimple Rasa. The small two-seater to score with lightweight construction, proven drive and a special retail concept.

Light vehicle and major investments

The Rasa of the Fiat 500 was drawn by Chris Reitz designer and features an ultra-light carbon-fibre chassis. Overall, the vehicle brings only 580 kilograms despite serious drive technology. The project is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, which represents two million pounds, roughly 2.5 million euros available Riversimple. A Crowdfunding campaign to increase the budget by another two million euros.

480 km distance

A hydrogen tank supplies the fuel cell with fuel. The cell identical then converts the hydrogen with the in current forklifts this technique in electricity. The current flows in four engines, one per wheel. The Rasa can rely on around 11 HP and reaches about 96 km/h top speed. With 1.5 kilograms of hydrogen, the car drives 480 kilometers, where more than 50 percent of the braking energy is recuperated.

Public beta test

Should rinse the Crowdfunding the hoped-for two million euros into the coffers, even 2016 is a so-called "public beta" launch, distributed in the 20 cars for the period of one year to potential customers that you want to test the vehicle then quasi "in the field". And even with the sales Riversimple has come up with something. Customers buy a vehicle, but more or less complete a long term rental. This concept, a monthly amount covers all service, insurance and Krafstoffkosten, without having the driver need to worry to the resale. 2018 it should go to. (mf)