The Rezvani Tank with about 500 HP

Orange County (USA), 5. October 2017

If you have a Jeep Wrangler or a Toyota Land Cruiser are too vulgar to be in order to terrain slopes, the new high-performance off-roader named Tank of the US-based company Rezvani, more likely, your collar size. This military-inspired vehicle has no fire power, but a lot of horsepower.

Too futuristic for the battle field

Although Rezvani claims that they were in the Design of military vehicles for inspiration, the shape of the Tank a lot more futuristic. Bulging fenders and a highly-contoured hood, the front fascia is dominated. Extremely short Roofs to make it easier to Overcome obstacles. A LED light rail on the roof provides for extra brightness at night.

Two off-road packages in Detail

In addition, Rezvani offers two off-road packages, which will make the Tank even more powerful in the Dirt. The Standard package includes a Six-inch suspension lift with 2.5-inch Fox shocks. In addition, the company installed a Dynatrac-ProRock-44/60-axle set with electric differential lock. In the wheel wells, a 37-inch seated set of tires. The Extreme package consists of Hardcore Features such as a Dynatrac-ProRock-XD60/80-shaft set with air lock and compressor, Dynatrac-ProGrip-front and rear brakes, and a 2.5-inch Fox springs with internal Bypasses. But no matter which off-road kit you choose, under the hood is a 6.4-Liter V8 that develops more than 500 horsepower and 583 Newton meters of torque is always.

Luxury meets high protection class

Despite the rugged Exterior, the interior looks quite luxurious. Rezvani has an optional package for leather upholstery and a suede sky. A Head-up Display provides important information to the driver and there is a 7.9-inch infotainment system, which supports numerous Apps. If your personal safety is a major concern, you should also book the optional ballistics protection package in order to alleviate some of their Fears. It's armor, bullet-proof glass, military includes Kevlar-grade run-flat tires and added protection around the fuel tank, the radiator and the floor pan. There is also the Option of a thermal imaging camera.

Good entry price, but then ...

The prices for the Tank to begin with 178.500 US Dollar. The equivalent in our currency that would be around 152,000 Euro. Without VAT and no import fees or transport costs. In addition, it is questionable whether this Rezvani vehicle would be in this country come by the TÜV. You have probably with a lot of additional paperwork and more individual inspections. All of this wouldn't bother you? You can reserve from now on. The first deliveries should take place before the end of the year.(ml)