The Pick-up as an adventure mobile

Stuttgart, 5. January 2018

Two months after the market launch of the Mercedes X-class in November 2017, there are first solutions, such as the Pick-up for Camping. You can see them on the exhibition for Caravan, Motor, Touristik (CMT, 13. to 21. January 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany).

Pick-up campers: the adventure section

Usually vans such as the Mercedes Viano/V-class (or the VW T6) as the base models for campers which are to be used. An all-terrain Pick-up how the Mercedes X-class, however, has advantages, if the trip in the Scottish Highlands, the Carpathians, or on Moroccan beaches. Thanks to coil springs front and rear, long wheelbase and comfortable chassis tuning, the X-class but also shows good long-distance properties, the manufacturer. For the propulsion of two four-cylinder Diesel with 163 and 190 HP, which can be ordered with rear - wheel or selectable four-wheel drive ensure either. Mid-2018, a V6 Diesel with standard all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive models have a low range gearing as well as an optional differential lock on the rear axle. With up to 3.5 tonnes of towing capacity, you can also caravan easily on the hook.

Solution one: living cabin to the On and off

A Pick-up as the X-class can be used for camping mobile, by installing a so-called settling cabin on the loading surface. After the trip, the cabin can be dismantled easily again. Such a solution of the bodybuilder Thematic shows on the CMT. The heat-insulating sandwich structure constructed cabin offers a double 1.50 meters large bed in the alcove, a standing height of almost two meters, a kitchen with Three-burner gas stove and three seats that can convert into a second bed. The integrated bathroom has thanks to a folding sink and a swivel toilet with enough space for showering.

Solution two: The drawer

A kind of drawer solution for the Pick-up load area presents VanEssa mobile camping: A 250-Kilo drawer contains a kitchen with an ice maker, cooking - and can be flushed as well as space for utensils and supplies. A second extract is left for equipment. Above the two drawers VanEssa installed a door made of teak, which is at a 45-degree angle. Also an Overnight stay is possible--if it is installed on the wooden plate, a roof tent with backward-directed entry.

Crafty sound system for the Marco Polo

In addition to the X-class is the camping version of the V is seen on the CMT, the Mercedes Marco Polo to class with pop-up roof. New the from April 2018 available sound system with nine speakers and two sound Setups is: To travel the music will be transmitted selectively to the driver and front passenger, in the residential mode, the rear seat is in play. The sound system can be controlled from your Smartphone via Bluetooth, even without the built-in system must be started. So the sound system can be, for example, from the roof of the bed.(sl)