The new Mercedes Sprinter

Duisburg, 7. February 2018

So here it is, the third Generation of the Mercedes Sprinter. And if you look at the Details, then you definitely has the potential to revolutionise the commercial vehicle Segment. In Europe, the new Sprinter on the work takes from June of 2018. The Whole in Germany from 19.900 euros for the front-wheel-drive base model with a 114-horsepower Diesel. The electric E-Sprinter follow in 2019.

For The First Time, Front-Wheel Drive

That you have just "read a front-wheel driven", by the way, this is not a typo. In addition to the usual rear - wheel and four-wheel drive Sprinter versions, also a version with front-wheel drive with the third Generation now. The benefits: about 50 pounds, more payload and an 80 mm lower loading edge. The front-wheel drive, Sprinter (3.0 to 4.1 tons) are available with six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic. The heavier versions with rear - or all-wheel drive (3.0 to 5.5 tons) come optional with Daimler's 7G-Tronic. Standard powertrain is a 2.1-Liter Diesel with 114 to 163 HP of power. For motorhomes there is also a Version with 177 HP is available. Top of the range is a 3.0-Liter V6 Diesel with 190 HP. All units come with SCR-kat and Adblue-System.

Over 1,700 Ways

The number of variants of the Sprinter 2018 almost unmanageable. It is offered in six different body styles (van, Tourer, flatbed trucks, and chassis with single or double cab, Sprinter Bus for up to 20 seats as well as the so - called "engine head" for motorhomes). It refers to the different lengths, roof heights and payloads, engines, and co., the total of over 1,700 different configurations. Max, the new Sprinter has a load volume of 17 cubic meters and a payload of 5.5 tons.

Very chic Cockpit

Visually, the 2018er is no different-sprinters too much of his since the 2006-built predecessor. A larger grille and narrower headlights (optional Full LED headlights) are the most striking innovations. However, the Sprinter raises the car, the box Segment to a whole new Level. There is a large free-standing Central screen, a digital display between the instrument dials, and even the electric seat adjustment is taken from the passenger car models.

A lot of networked

In addition, the holds just in the new A-class, introduced in MBUX-the infotainment system. Including up to 10.25-inch HD Display, Touchscreen, and voice control. The new Sprinter is also Internet-capable and state of the art telematics solutions. The fleet Controlling will be simplified. Better communication between fleet managers and drivers is expected to facilitate the daily work. Mercedes calls its new System Pro Connect. It is intended to facilitate the planning and maintenance noticeable, because all of the vehicle and position data can be retrieved in real time and managed.

New Assistance Systems

A huge leap of power, the third Sprinter-Generation in the development of assistance systems. And for the first time in the Segment, an active distance cruise control. A braking and lane-keeping assistants, there are now also. The already from the previous known side-wind assist is now standard. In addition, Mercedes defused the Parking: in addition to a normal reversing camera is also a package with 360-degree in the future-to have a view. Ordered the new Sprinter is now.(sw)