The new Generation of the Jeep Wrangler

Frankfurt/Main, 2. November 2017

The Jeep Wrangler we re-issued. And the time until the official Premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show, 2017 (1. to 10. To bridge December), published by the manufacturer and now the first photos of the new model.

Slightly modernized appearance, many possibilities

It can be seen already now that the design changes in the behavior of evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The design of the front fascia looks modern, the differences compared with the predecessor, however, are extremely low. A new trapezoidal grille, new lamps all around, as well as improved aerodynamics. It will give the Wrangler according to the Jeep in many different versions with a variety of door and roof combinations. In addition, and specially for purists: a fold-down windshield.

First hints, no Details

The Details are given at the end of November. Some hints of the manufacturer. So the Wrangler is to retain "its unique 4x4 capabilities", on "advanced and fuel-efficient drives", and with "more security features and advanced technology".(ml)