The new BMW M550d is xDrive

Munich, 26 April 2017

The diesel is medial and the widespread public perception for months on the slaughter. The gentlemen at BMW that seems to be pretty no matter what they today make us, is not less than the most powerful six-cylinder car diesel of the world? That's right, the amazingly powerful gasoline engine M550i xDrive (Twin-Turbo V8, 462 HP), whose test you can read from 27 April at us, bring Munich the M performance oil burner counterpart M550d xDrive now. And whose performance data should actually provide still more open mouths.

760 NM

Speeches we not long around the Bush: what is catapult executives and officers in the future in terms of missile on local highways, is a 3.0-liter six-cylinder with not less than four (Yes, four) Turbo, 400 HP and mountains versetzenden 760 nm of torque. The latter are in all their violence at 2,000 rpm. 450 nm available already from 1,000 rpm. Compared to the predecessor model we so with a turbocharger, 19 HP and 20 nm more to do.

4.4 seconds to 100 km/h

As already in the M550 gasoline goes the power over an eight-speed sport automatic on all four wheels. BMW promises a heavy, all-wheel drive. The M550d sedan is the Sprint from 0-100 km/h in awesome short complete 4.4 seconds. In this context we would like to point out slightly irritated, that the just discontinued M5 (with 560-Horsepower Twin-Turbo V8) only a tenth is faster. Incidentally, the M550d touring needs 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed is both at the regulated 250 km/h. Despite all these frighteningly potent figures of the standard consumption of the new M550d should be xDrive 5.9 liter. These are 0.4 litres less than before.

From July 2017

As already the M550i his diabolical diesel brother Gets a M Sport suspension with ten millimeter deep lapping, special 19-inch alus as standard, a M-performance brakes with blue saddles, the typical M-aprons, as well as a rear-wheel steering. Market launch is for the M550d-xDrive sedan in the July 2017. Touring follows end 2017. prices are not determined yet, are likely to start but at about 82,000. (black & white)