The most expensive car in the world?

Paris ( France ), December 9, 2015

That one his old Ferrari should not necessarily be in the scrap press, is likely to have spread for some time. In the spring of 2015 changed a visually angeranzter 250 GT SWB California Spider for sensational 16.3 million euros the owner. That he heard the actor Alain Delon, may have driven with in the height of the price. Nevertheless: Rare Ferraris achieve in recent times often exorbitant prices at auctions. The record is held a 250 GTO of 1962. It was auctioned off in the summer of 2014 for the equivalent of almost unbelievable 28.6 million euros. That is the equivalent of 1,100 well-equipped VW Golf or 70 neat homes.

Auction in February 2016

But the auction King could soon have to pass his crown, because the auction house Artcurial presents a new hot favorites. It's a Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti in 1957. He is at the classic car show Salon Rétromobile ( 3 to 7 February 2016) will be auctioned in Paris. The auctioneer rubs his hands already: It is estimated that the car could bring a sum of 28-32 million euros.

Worldwide racing

The racer with the chassis number 0674 comes from the collection Pierre Bardinon and is considered one of the most coveted works racing cars of the Scuderia. The body was designed by Scaglietti, under the beautiful sheet stuck originally a 3.8-liter V12 with about 360 hp. After a second place at the Mille Miglia 1957, the bolide got a cubic capacity extension to 4.1 liters, the output rose to 400 hp. After successful races worldwide ( including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Grand - Grix race in Sweden, Venezuela and Cuba ), the car was sold in 1960 to an architect in Pennsylvania. He sold the car in 1970 to Bardinon. In its collection the car spent the last 45 years, and is located in a noisy auction house " excellent " condition.

Stylish, fast and rarely

This Ferrari is " simultaneously a work of art and a queen of speed ," raves Artcurial CEO Matthieu Lamoure. " He is beautiful, rare, he won the race, made ​​history, had numerous special owner ?? and it is absolutely authentic ." We are curious how much money is worth a new owner.

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