The million - thing

Carmel ( USA ), 18 August 2014

What is the most expensive car in the world? A Bugatti Veyron? Maybe if you were, " factory " buys. But even such a bolide million pales in the car, which has now been auctioned off during the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach, California: Incredible 28,528,626 euros make your 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta as the new world record holder.

Open at the top

Where even these colossal sum does not mark the peak, because private is about a year ago a GTO for $ 52,000,000, the equivalent of almost 39 million euros, the owners have changed. Confirmed that is certainly not why now by the auction house Bonhams redeemed sum is almost the official world record. Previous leader was a Mercedes W 196, which was sold in the summer of 2013 for about 22 million euros.

Rare and sought after

The 250 GTO is a prime example of why there are among the top ten most expensive vintage majority Ferrari. From the 250 GTO, a homologated for GT racing class, created from 1962 to 1964 only 39 copies. The time now auctioned cars with chassis number 3851 GT is one of 31 vehicles of 62 / 63-series, of which there were only 28 again with three-liter V12. Of this he is number 17 and a total of nineteenth-built GTO.

moving past

Added to this is an exciting car - Biography: 3851 GT was delivered on 11/09/1962 to the French racing driver Jo Schlesser. Right after finished his colleague Henri Oreiller with Schlesser as co - pilot in second place for the 5500 km long "Tour de France Automobile". Just two weeks later crashed Oreiller with the 250 GTO on the track of Montlhery fatal. After the reconstruction of the car Schlesser sold it in April 1963, the Italian Paolo Colombo. This thus drove a variety of racing success and sold the car at the end of the amateur racer Ernesto Prinoth. After another accident reached 3851 GT 1965 in the possession of the then 30-year old Fabrizio Violati. There, the 250 GTO was up for auction 2014 For Violati good business: 49 years ago, he paid 2.5 million liras, according to the current value of 27,500 euros for the GTO. Speaking of millions, Who wanted to spend at the auction in Pebble Beach not so much for a rare Ferrari, was able to access the ten cars of the " Maranello Rosso Collection". They went away for expected 49.3 million euros . ( rh )