The longest S-Class in the world

Stuttgart, February 18, 2015

That Mercedes again hangs a Pullman limousine, a Erlkönig caught in the act had betrayed in autumn 2014: About six meters in length are difficult wegkleben with Tarnfolie. At the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) the production model will now be admired in all its glory ?? especially the interior, which you rarely get in specie to face.

Second Maybach of modern times

The super long Benz officially called Mercedes Maybach Pullman, making it the second model with the revived Maybach name. This designation since 2014 already carries a particularly luxuriously furnished and further stretched by 20 centimeters long version of the S-Class. This "small" Maybach has at least 5.45 meters proud. The tops of the now launched Pullman again by more than a meter: Good 6.50 meters Gardemaß let the ultra - Limo increasingly becoming the longest - series S-Class in the world. But the wheelbase is 4.42 meters immense that it might be a B - class completely fit between the axles. With 1.60 meters of Pullman is also four inches higher than a normal S-Class. This should provide much headroom.


The raw numbers are likely the occupants of little interest to you in the lounge. The VIP guests (or the owner of the Pullman ) can stay in two single armchairs in the direction of travel. Each offers various adjustment options, so the rest can be placed both in a recumbent and upright in an office chair position separately. For comfortable lounging there is a calf rest, which can be infinitely adjusted in length and the swivel range. And also the head restraints are padded with an extra pillow.

Two folding chair vis-à-vis

The feel-good stalls opposite can take on folding armchairs place vis-à-vis the two other passengers. The interior is fully lined with leather, even headlining, door frames and seat brackets support noble animal skin. On the roof inform as with previous models Maybach three analog instruments, the rear passengers via exterior temperature, speed and time.

Monitor and Burmester sound

For the discretion which a partition between the driver and the rear area provides. The disc can not only electric powered, but also switched from transparent to opaque. To prevent insights from the outside, curtains protect the rear window. For technical equipment include a retractable 18.5 - inch screen in 16: 9 format before the partition and either one of two Burmester surround sound systems. Pullman is powered by a V12 biturbo engine. The six-liter engine delivers 530 hp and starting at 1,900 trips a massive torque of 830 Newton meters available.

Base price: half a million euros

That drops the price of the Stuttgart mega - liner from the scope of the ordinary, it was expected he should start at around half a million euros and drifts through numerous Individialisierungs options certainly higher still. The shorter versions are compared to almost Deals: The Mercedes Maybach S 500 starts at 134,054 Euros, the twelve-cylinder S 600 will cost at least 182,842 euros.

50 years Mercedes 600

At Mercedes Pullman's the way have a long tradition: The most famous model is likely to be the Mercedes 600, who celebrates his 50th birthday in 2015. The 600 was also the first series offered Pullman, the preceding Strecklimos were custom made. So there is the 300, better known as Adenauer Mercedes, only three copies in excess length. (HD)