The Kodiaq Coupé comes

Mladá Boleslav, 27 March 2017

There's the variety news, where it is not suspicious at first glance. So Skoda celebrates its design language with flowery words ("timeless elegance" and "modern functionality"), the whole thing topped but with an interesting image. On it is not much to see, but the essential: Skoda is working on a Coupé version of the Kodiaq.

With an E after China

So the Czech brand not it says of course, but it will show a new concept in the next few weeks. Their name can be found in the buzz words: vision E. The next fair is the "Auto China" in Shanghai from March 21 to April 28, 2017. An ideal venue for the vision of E, since the Chinese cars like in the style of the BMW X 4 and X 6.

In 2018-series

The 4.70 metre Skoda Kodiaq is based on the vision of E. Whose elegant offshoot stands out by a lowered roof line, which flows into a kind of hatchback. The E in the model name is not without good reason: technically, the study gives a glimpse of future electric models of the brand. In this regard, but patience is asked while the Kodiaq branch comes at the latest in the spring of 2018 on the market. (rh)