The ideal Caterham?

Crawley (UK), 9 August 2015

Caterham adds another model variant of the seven to its now quite diverse portfolio. The seven 310 should be according to the British lightweight experts of the balanced Caterham, you can currently buy.

About 20 HP more than at seven 270

The result is the new seven 310 from the motor sport program of the British. To rise from the lowest "Tracksport" category in the higher "Super Sport" class, 20 HP must place the motor of the race vehicle a fiercer camshaft with a modified engine control. Just the engine Kit is drawn in the road-going version of the seven 270 and has transformed this into the now 154 instead of 134 PS strong seven 310.

Under 30,000 euros

The small extra isn't enough power as a purchase incentive? Maybe make it yes the new additional LEDs, offered by Caterham on seven 310 for the first time. The new model is equivalent to have about 29,500 euros. Who would like to upgrade its seven 270, paid nearly 1,800 euros for the upgrade kit. Simon Lambert, his motor sport Chief character in the House of Caterham, formulated his feelings for the new seven 310 by the way, as follows: "it's like an unplanned child. A wonderful surprise you love immediately. We didn't expect it, would want to do but nothing else". Well, if that's not a selling point, we don't know it also. (mf)