The Gotham golf cart has arrived

Hair, November 26, 2015

It is not known whether Bruce Wayne likes to play golf ?? we believe at least, finally called our site Car News, not comic news. Why do we share it with anyway, now is probably the issue. Well, we had there in the shallows of the Internet is a very, very crazy but also very, very cool golf cart discovered that definitely has to come from the garage of Gotham's most famous heroes. Allow us to introduce: the Gulf Tumbler.

Batman look at the golf course

Six tires ?? at the rear even with twin tires and 28 inches ?? let the tumble-miniature overcome any obstacle. At least on golf courses that are indeed known to be very smooth. An electric motor with six PS enables silent stalking of the villains of the Driving Ranges: the sand traps. With a top speed of over 60 km / h it flits rapidly from hole to hole, as the Joker " Batman " could say. At the rear independent suspension and disc brakes ensure the correct handling during the hunt for the personal handicap.

expensive fun

The complex design of the golf Tumblers protects the occupants from prying eyes while and flying golf balls. The interior is as rarely installed in a golf cart with leather bucket seats, cup holders, an iPad - mounting lights and so much luxury. The only catch at around 635 kg heavy vehicle? The price of the equivalent of nearly 26,800 euros should be swallow even a millionaire like Bruce Wayne. Finally, the golf Tumbler did not even rockets . ( mf )