The family is now complete

Ingolstadt, 4 November 2016

Coupé and Sportback, the convertible now completes the various model family of Audi A5 and S5. Equipment and technical data, there are not too many surprises.

Visually, not much news

Visually little has joined the open versions of A5 and S5 analog to the closed variants. The rear window of the hood is slightly flatter and the fabric Hat even coming up with a comfort opening. It opens and closes with just a push of a button the roof in 15 or 18 seconds up to a speed of 50 km/h. Otherwise, the convertibles are based on the respective Coupés from Ingolstadt. These include also headlights and tail lights in LED technology. The third brake light was integrated into the trim of the canopy box cover.

Known technique in a convertible

Technically Audi cared above all better torsional rigidity and weight values. Compared to its predecessor, the new convertibles are about 40 percent lighter stiffer and up to 40 kg. The Ingolstädter with additional braces within the body compensate for the loss of a fixed roof. Technical motor starts the A5 cabriolet with three engines. A gasoline engine with a 252 HP is flanked by two diesel engines 218 Horsepower and 190. A 190-Horsepower gasoline engine and a 286-Horsepower diesel follow after the launch. The S5 convertible comes with the three-liter six-cylinder Coupé and Sportback known with 354 HP.

More space in the Interior

The Interior provides slightly more space when compared to its predecessor for the inmates, what is among the more compact built seats. The cockpit comes with the same amenities, which are already known from the other body styles. These include the various driving Assistant, that up to 65 km/h to relieve the driver in A5 and S5, for example, with a traffic jam Assistant. Specially built for the convertible strap microphones for better voice quality during calls and voice control.

Prices and market introduction

The A5 and S5 cabriolet versions will be in the March 2017 on the market. The A5 cabriolet starts at 49,350 euros, around 8,500 euros more than even the cheapest predecessor model. The S5 convertible is available from 67.800 euro. (mf)