The Eagle Spyder GT is so beautiful

East Sussex (England), 24 February 2016

For about 30 years, a small company called Eagle specializes in England on the same legendary as beautiful Jaguar E-type. On the E-type base was built at Eagle has two models: the uncompromising Speedster with very small very flat plate and without roof, as well as the perfectly-shaped low drag GT with fixed aluminium roof and racing car form. Now, the company expanded its portfolio to a combination of both vehicles.

The best of two worlds

The new Eagle Spyder GT has a higher windscreen as Speedster brother. Also, he wears a soft top that is however more a detachable fabric caps for as a roof. Under the beautiful brass dress is always an original E-type, rather than a new framework or even a replica Speedster and low drag GT. However, the technology is brought from engine, brakes and landing gear on a modern stand.

Passion for the Eagle

In the Interior, the base vehicles be clearly aufgehübscht and equipped with plenty of leather and aluminium. Eagle founder Henry Pearman to his motivation to devote as much passion the E-type: "how many other also developed my love for the E-type at a very young age and then became a lifelong fascination."

In the summer we go

Even if we now can show pictures of the Spyder GT you the first customer must wait a little on his new sweetheart. The first vehicle to be delivered in the Somemr 2016. We are already envious of the lucky owner. (mf)