The CC's successor stands in Geneva

Wolfsburg, November 28, 2016

Since October 2016 Volkswagen CC no longer is on the homepage of the producer of Wolfsburg. But the sequel is on the way. He wears the aimed on prestige (one could also say: lofty) name DSI.

Finally a VW CC more

Even if the discontinued model officially was called "Volkswagen CC", the somewhat strange-sounding name was resulting in everyday life often "VW CC". With the new name, VW ended this situation. The model name is pronounced with accented first syllable, VW is important. The importance is also explained: the first part, the English word for art should advise on the design. The ending of "eon" denotes the vehicle according to the manufacturer as a premium model, parallel to the Chinese VW top model, the Phideon. This comment from VW should also indicate the main market for the DSI.

Upper middle class, but MQB?

The DSI above the Passat is based as the discontinued CC. He should appear but later a class, so in the upper middle class. The DSI would therefore following the expiry of the upper class cars top model of VW Phaeton. High positioning goes, that it is a "completely newly developed vehicle" according to VW. In the New Passat is how likely however the modular transverse (MQB) give off the base. That means but not, that family relationships are the DSI "based on the Passat" with introduction of the MQB become more complicated. Because based on the MQB quite different-sized cars from the upcoming VW Polo to the over five meters long US model VW Atlas.

Sporty and elegant

VW may refer to the car as a four-door fastback. In the meantime, the Wolfsburg show only a rough sketch of the new model. But if the impression is not deceptive, the body more sporty than the CC window graphics and roof line will be extremely stretched the DSI. The "tornado line" cuts through the wheel arch front, rear it is above the wheel which emphasizes the dynamics. The door handles not be otherwise as in the Passat, but slightly below the line.

New face of the brand

With the DSI, Volkswagen introduces a new face of the brand, which is to emphasize the horizontal. The fins of the radiator grille, pull into to itself up in the three-dimensional designed headlamps, VW. LED lighting elements to provide a striking presence and demonstrate dominance. The frameless glass of doors according to VW is reminiscent of a Gran Turismo.

Tailgate à la Skoda Superb?

In addition to the sporting elegance emphasize the Wolfsburg but also the commercial value. So you want to "the above proposal and wide-opening tailgate optimal access to the huge baggage area" offer. After that is probably to a valve with an integrated rear window, as she has also the Skoda Superb. That would be a noticeable difference to the CC, which had a normal trunk lid like a sedan.

Also a V6 would be possible

As regards the motors, so the stronger Passat units are likely to be used. These include the Passat-top engines 2.0 TSI with 280 HP and the 2.0 TDI with 240 Horsepower, maybe the plug in hybrid, which comes on a system capacity of 218 PS. A six-cylinder could be built in the United States instead of the 2.0 TSI. Also a big engine fits into the MQB-Passat: in the United States, there is the model with a 3.6-liter V6. Who delivers 280 Horsepower, so exactly as much as the 2.0 TSI brings.

Market launch in the summer of 2017

Details about engines and prices are likely to be announced no later than to the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017). There, the car of the public will be presented. Market introduction is then in the summer of 2017.(sl)