The Audi Q8 will start

Ingolstadt, 5. June 2018

Audi Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7 are already on the market, but the Ingolstädtern some numbers are still missing. BMW has X1 to X6 is significantly more SUVs on the market. Now, however, Audi is presenting the Top model, the Q8. With almost five meters in length and only 1.71 meters in height, he has similar dimensions as the BMW X6. Now there are the first pictures and info on the coupe-SUV.

Significantly shorter than the Q7

Closely related to the newcomer with the Q7. With him he shares the wheelbase of almost three meters. Even though the Q8 is only four inches lower, it seems to be flat. He is also nearly seven inches shorter. Thus, a longitudinal sliding three-seat bench for the rear, although that can be ordered with a third row of seats like the Q7. The trunk will also take 605 to 1,755 litres is significantly less than the Q7 (890 to 2.075 liters).

A dominant grille and sophisticated light

Striking is the large, square latticed Grill with his thick frame, which is optional contrasting color. The front lights look more slot-like. The reason is that only the upper part (of the Daytime running and low beam) as the headlight is recognizable. Below is the dimmed high beam. The headlights work as standard with LED technology, optional Matrix LED light. We ordered the Latter, one gets not only the known wiper-turn signal, but also a light-choreography when unlocking and Locking. The myAudi App, too many light functions via a Smartphone enable, and so from the outside experience.

Two Diesel, one petrol

Similar to the A8, the Q8 has a mild hybrid system, as well as a 48-Volt Main electrical system. Thus, the Q8 between 55 and 160 km/h can sail with the engine shut off, then the belt-driven starter generator starts the unit quickly and conveniently. The Start-stop range starts already at 22 km/h. In Europe, the Q8 will start with the A8-famous 3.0 TDI with 286 HP. Beginning in 2019, a second three-liter diesel with 231 HP and a 3.0 TFSI with 340 HP follow. The transmission of power is always an eight-stage machine. The all-wheel drive is based on a purely mechanical center differential. It directs the forces by default, in a ratio of 40:60 to the front and rear axle. If necessary, it sends the majority to the axle with the better traction.

Two different Air suspension systems

The Q8 is fitted as standard with a steel suspension with adaptive dampers. Optionally, there are two different Air suspension systems, a comfortable and a sporty tuning. Both the driving mode selection set, whereby the body height of up to nine inches can be varied. The air suspension for a greater ground clearance of up to 25 centimeters (standard suspension: 22 inches). The so-called progressive steering (with the steering angle-dependent Translation) series. From the factory, the Q8 runs on 19-inch wheels, with optional wheels up to a size 285/40 R22. Anyone who wants can behavior also, a four-wheel steering for better Maneuvering, and more dynamics when changing lane order. A roll stabilization system, as in the SQ7, there is not but apparently.

Cockpit à la A8

The Cockpit looks similar to the A8. As the instrument display (Virtual Cockpit) is a standard. It has two views – classic and Navigation. There is an Optional "Virtual Cockpit" features a third, particularly sporty surface. Added to this are two monitors in the center console, to control the Infotainment and the (standard) Navigation on the lower screen, air conditioning, and seats are set. As the tools available is also a Head-up Display, and front seats with ventilation and massage function.

The mobile phone as a key

Optional available is also a "Audi connect-key", with the car via Android Smartphone and can be locked. Also, parameters such as the setting of the driver's seat or the air conditioning or frequently used by the media and navigation destinations can be set so that you can store and retrieve. Extras include an electric Luggage compartment roller blind, which opens automatically with the tailgate and closes. Most of the assistance systems from the newer Audi models like the A8 is known. The Q8 starts at the beginning of July 2018 in Germany. Does not react to the prices of Audi.(sl)