The Audi future 2020

Ingolstadt, 15 March 2017

Audi Chief Rupert Stadler still nicely puts it: "2016 was a very challenging year for our company," he announced in the context of the recent Conference. EUR 1.8 billion had to be travelled alone for the three-liter V6 diesel issue and the problems with the airbags by supplier TAKATA.

Electric and autonomous forward

But that's not the only construction sites, which could bring Stadler's Chair to falter. The former slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" is to feel little. Especially in the area of Electromobility Audi has lagged behind felt the competition from BMW and Mercedes. Therefore, the brand with the four rings are now gas: by 2020 to bring three purely battery-electric models on the market and then more series are lots. And not hang off Audi let in the area of autonomous driving: A newly founded subsidiary named "Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH" in Munich is working on a system for automated transportation in urban areas.

Model roadmap: A8 comes even 2017

Autonomic functions in a big way come to fruition for the first time in the new A8, even 2017 coming on the market. For this purpose, Audi promises an active up to 60 km/h automated driving function for traffic jams. The A5 family and the Q5, which should be 2017 world's successful are already on the market. But back to the model future: 2018 is the second generation of the A7, the production model of the Q8 debuts in the same year. For 2019 of Q4 is planned, according to Audi a "sporty Compact utility vehicle". Formally the Q4 is likely to be based on the BMW X 4. Speaking of Q: in Brussels Audi will build his first purely electric SUV in series from 2018. As a possible name would be considering Q6, set the addition is "e-tron", which features the E cars at Audi. The dates of the new editions of A6 (since 2011 on the market) and A1 are not yet officially known (built since 2010). (rh)