The Advent Omnibus is there

Stuttgart / Munich, November 30, 2015

What's it like when you buy Christmas presents? Walk time alone because seeking out is a very personal thing? Or let yourself be inspired by the ideas of others? If you're more the type who buys in the pack, a shopping trip with the whole company might be what. Top with the motorized Christmas sleigh Mercedes: a red and white foiled Omnibus with a glued-on, red-nosed Santa Claus on the side and icicles on the windows.

135 meters of LED lights

Originally, the bus type Travego M was completely white. The lighting system has been bolstered with 135 meters of LED lights. They can be turned on and off from the cockpit. In addition to continuous light is flashing in any rhythm for election. Available are the colors red, green and blue, they can be combined at will. Sounds great, and you want the bus immediately hire for a tour? Unfortunately, probably nothing will come of this because of Weihnachtsbus remains charitable purposes subject, and can include any shopping trips in the pack. The Weihnachtsbus should, for example driving the cathedral choir at a Christmas concert. An entrepreneur from Augsburg wants to gratuitously accompany children with severe disabilities at an event and a Straubinger Omnibusbetrieb plans to back a kindergarten class to the Christmas market visit and retract.

After Christmas back as a normal coach

The idea for the Weihnachtsbus had the bus sales office of Mercedes in Munich. Implemented they won the Design Studio at the Mannheim bus plant, pasting and lighting system realized the specialist firm Heymann. From 28 December 2015, the Travego will be back as a regular coach go. Unless Santa logs personally, because he wants to use the sled all year. Or buy it for your company - shopping tour 2016th ( sl )