The 640-HP dryer by Chevrolet

Detroit, March 29, 2016

After Chevrolet recently of the brutal Camaro ZL1 has introduced the Coupé version, there is now also an open version of circuit suitable for American. Hood on for the Camaro ZL1 convertible!

Strong V8 power unit

Under the new hood with carbon air intake the same 6.2 litre V8 heart with compressor that ensures orderly driving in the closed ZL1 with 640 HP beats. 868 Newton metres of torque to the rear axle are transferred via the standard six-speed manual transmission or the optional ten speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. An electronic limited-slip differential to keep power in check. For the perfect traffic light starts is a launch control on board. The temperature balance of the Powertrain eleven cooler in the handle to get the technique of the Coupé is fully applied in the convertible.

Lighter and stiffer

The new ZL1 convertible uses the lighter and stiffer chassis of the current generation of Camaro. Only a few small differences in the area of the chassis distinguish the convertible version of the Coupé. The folding roof in body colour can look the car in the open and closed position. The "magnetic ride"-chassis, the large brake and the forged wheels with Goodyear tyres also come from the Coupé.

Wide Aero package

In the Interior well ventilated if required, Recaro seats and a lower headtube steering wheel, which is just like the suede leather gear knob await the driver. In addition to the modified bonnet, the new ZL1 convertible carries also a larger grille, a larger front splitter, wider fenders and a rear spoiler. The Camaro ZL1 convertible come 2017 on the market hopefully with us in the spring. (mf)