Test: Skoda Superb More than just a facelift

More than just a facelift

Skoda has its flagship Superb revised over thoroughly and wants to continue the established competition snatch market share in the upper middle class.

Completely redesigned front

Skoda scores not only because of its more than attractive entry price of 23.990 euros, but also further improved handling, more comfort and many technological features. In addition, consumption and emissions by up to 19 percent, which increases the efficiency of both the sedan and the Combi again.

The front of the vehicle was designed completely new to the A-pillar. Radiator grille, vehicle logo, front and fog lights, bumpers, front fenders and hood are new. The new logo is now positioned centrally on the slightly downwardly top of the hood. For special expressiveness of the new Superb Face make the all-new headlamps and the first time there are bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lights and LED turn signals.

more economical

Smarter TwinDoor tailgate has retained the Superb sedan course. This unique, patented by Skoda solution, the tailgate can be opened in two steps: It can only be opened the trunk lid or the entire tailgate including the rear window either. It's now even easier to operate, as each type of opening is now assigned to each a key. Until now had to open another Shift are pressed.

When it comes to engines and drive engineering, the Superb has made further progress and has become much more economical. Thanks to start-stop system and brake energy recovery ( Green tec ), which are standard on all diesel engines and the base gasoline engine 1.4 TSI with 92 kW / 125 hp, the consumption and thus reduce emissions by up to 19 percent,

Increased comfort offer

The engine range includes four petrol and three diesel engines. The range extends from the 1.4 TSI with 92 kW / 125 hp to the top engine 3.6 V6 with 191 kW / 260 hp. As automatic exclusively DSG six or-Siebenganggetriebe used. In addition, Skoda offers for the Superb sedan and the Superb Combi-wheel drive. The technique is based on a modern Haldex clutch of the fourth generation.

But the offer was further increased comfort. For the first time offer Limousine and Combi the latest generation of the park steering assistant. Advantage: The new system also supports next to the parking in and out parallel to the road and the rear cross - parking at right angles. There are all the innovative comfort features that distinguish one model this class today.

Particularly clever representatives of the middle class

About the generous spaciousness of writing, although would be coals to Newcastle to bring, but remains at least hold for " newcomers " that both sedan Combi offer by far the largest trunk and the best knee room for rear seated passengers. And now a new feature makes traveling even more comfortable in the rear: the first time, optional passenger seat be moved electrically even from behind.

The revised Superb also confirmed its reputation as a particularly clever representative of the upper middle class, in which it offers at each corner quasi practical solutions for small needs in your car everyday. These are in addition to the umbrella compartment in the left rear door numerous storage options, front and rear, the storage compartment in the center console, compartments in the doors, under the passenger seat, the large glovebox, the practical sunglasses compartment or the tray in the fold-out center armrest of the rear seat - everything thought out, Or in the Skoda terminology just simply clever.