Tesla Roadster sailing in All

Merritt Island (USA), 7. February 2018

It is really happening. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX has tested the most powerful rocket in the recent past successfully. Yesterday at 15: 45 local time, the "Falcon Heavy lifted off" from the space station at Cape Canaveral. And she had a rather strange cargo on Board. A Tesla Roadster, to be exact. The should not have claimed the 64 tonnes of payload of the rocket. He has a pretty cool driver on Board: "Starman" is the prototype of a SpaceX space suit, an elbow casually on the driver's door, dangle, and David Bowie is listening to on a loop. You could not think up better.

Big Show is

Also on Board: A Hot-Wheels car, and a special Laser Disc, with all sorts of information about humanity. Only if a group of extraterrestrial visitors happen to be interested, the Tesla test drive, while he travels in the direction of Mars. The giant Show is Elon Musk is known for good sound. The only bad news of this memorable day: Of Central (reusable) propulsion of the rocket not landed as planned on an Autonomous platform in the sea, but plunged into the water. The two other Booster came but, to the great rejoicing of Space-X employees, at the same time on platforms close to the Kennedy Space center.

"Made on Earth by humans"

We give in this editorial a whole bunch of space-Nerds works. That's why we spent hours in front of the SpaceX Livestream, and watched as the red Tesla Roadster, and his fearless passenger flew there, where never a car in front of you. Honestly it's pretty impressive how far the Roadster came in this time. The images in our gallery to give a small impression of it. As the small sports car sails around the earth in the Background, this is all pretty stunning. By the way, Elon Musk has left to the head plate of the car a small message: "Made on Earth by humans." Before the Start of the rocket, he said: "We assume that it will be for many hundreds of millions of years in Orbit, maybe even more than a billion years." As Starman has a lot.(sw)