Tesla makes cheaper Model 3 variant

Tesla makes a less expensive variant of its cheapest car so far, the Model 3. The car manufacturer announced unexpectedly will the opportunity to order the car with a less heavy battery to buy. Up until now the car only to buy a battery for a large range which 310 miles (over 495 km) can be driven.

With the new battery the car 260 miles (420 kilometres) above. That implementation goes at least $ 45,000 cost in the United States. The top model with two motors, all-wheel drive and the bigger battery is more expensive and now costs a minimum of 54.000 dollar.

The new battery was not by Tesla announced. The company had an even lighter battery, announced that the base price of the car at $ 35,000 would come true. It is not clear when the cheapest version available. Tesla has started building the more expensive versions, and so the development costs back faster to earn.