Tequila on wheels

Cologne, 25 July 2016

Schnapps in the car? Better not! At least, when it comes to the driver. But in the foreseeable future, a waste product from the production of Tequila could be used in cars. Because Ford is doing research for quite some time.

Moving away from oil

But first: about 200 kilograms plug in any new car today average plastic products of petrochemistry, which used oil. But oil is in the long term of rare and expensive. So, what is there alternatives? According to the UN, worldwide each year about five billion tons are biomass. Only a small part of it will be processed. Ford and Jose Cuervo, the world's largest Tequila manufacturer in the game here now.

Of the fruit to the fiber

Tequila is produced from the agave: this fruit is growing for seven years and is then harvested. Some components are then grilled, the SAPs extracted and distilled. The agave fiber, of which so far only a few be processed about as compost or basis for paper to be left.

Bio is Trump

Ford will now produce a composite plastic for vehicle parts from these fibres. For durability and heat resistance are tested. The agave in the Interior or in harnesses may be used. First reviews praise the aesthetic qualities and durability. A bio first wouldn't the tequila and fruit, by the way: already eight different organic materials on Ford vehicles are used. The band ranges from castor oil, wheat straw and wood to rice grain shells. (rh)