Successor Subaru Levorg caught

Subaru is already testing it with a successor of the current generation Levorg, The car is far from age, but Subaru seems to be all to the test with a completely new generation of the car which, in Europe, in fact, as successor served the Legacy.

The testauto on the pictures is a so-called 'mule' and that means that there is new technology concealed under a often slightly cut-up and cut version of the carriage of the current model. We expect that the new Levorg just like the current generation of the Impreza and the XV are going to use Subaru's modular Global Platform. The appearance of the new Levorg will undoubtedly be large oveenkomsten exhibit with that of the Geneva-this year presented Viziv Tourer Concept. That car was 4.78 metres long and had a wheelbase of 2,73 m. For comparison: the current Levorg is 4,69 meters long. Wait and see, because we expect the new Levorg not for 2020 on the market.