Subtle hardcore

Geneva (Switzerland), March 1, 2016

You'd almost think Porsche has played little mouse. Various sports riders regulars or other convivial man rounds, where cars that are so wonderful that there will probably never be they together are woven. Well, and then they made just one.

The lightest penalty

There is talk of the new Porsche 911 R, which today sees the light of day 2016 at the Geneva Auto show. He steals the high technology of the 911 GT3 RS (drive, lightweight) and the 911 GT3 bodyshell (chassis), but not so seriously the whole trappings. Lap times are secondary, it's about the perfect and highly emotional driving experience. He's like the big brother of the Cayman GT4. The much bigger brother. Though: with only 1,370 kilograms live weight is the 911 R of the currently lightest penalty. He weighs 50 kg less than the 911 GT3 RS. The fact that the same 4.0 liter six-cylinder vacuum cleaner with the same 500 HP in his back is all the more mad. Here's also Turbo-free zone, but the best is yet to come: the 911 R is only available with a manual six-speed transmission.

Slightly slower, some faster

Acceleration fanatics should hear therefore now short. Despite the weight advantage, the abolition of RS cage and the massive RS wing with brings, accelerates the 911 R in "only" for 3.8 seconds from 0-100 km/h. Half a second slower than the GT3 RS. On the other hand, the Elimination of a monstrous rear wing brings also advantages: top speed increases to 13 on 323 km/h. A few party tricks of the new 911 R also has Creative Commons: the optional single mass flywheel should be more freely and spontaneously rotate the motor. There is also a button activated Blipping function optimized the gear change, until you have it with the hoe tip technology right on it.

Deluxe lightweight

In addition to the engine, the relationship to the 911 GT3 includes RS of also whose carbon bonnet, the magnesium roof, the rear wheel steering, as well as the mechanical Differenzalsperre on the rear axle. Also on board are the extremely wide tyres (245er rubber front, 305er rear) and huge ceramic brakes (410 mm front, 390 mm rear), which spread out behind forged aluminum wheels. The subject's diet Porsche with Fund side Windows and a rear window made of plastic, a reduced insulation and the abandonment of a back seat. Who fully want to mortify, do without air conditioning and radio.

Reminiscent of 1967

Apart from the hood and roof, the 911 R-body is a GT3 body without the fixed rear spoiler. Here the known from the 911 Carrera, retractable rear spoiler and a specially designed underbody rear diffuser are used stadtdessen. Front of 911-R customer may enjoy also a newly designed lip. Always there are Porsche lettering on the sides, as well as two colored strips, the up in red or green pull over the entire Centre of the vehicle a homage to the 911 R of 1967.

A little problem

Sitting is the 911 R rider on the sensational carbon shells of the 911 GT3 RS. As if that wasn't enough, they are centrally even with a Pepita checked fabric. In accordance with the first penalty of the 1960s. Loops door openers as well as carbon trim with aluminum plate show the exotic State of the 911 R. And here is also the only problem on this wonderfully pure sports car hidden: the badge will be awarded only 991 times and what attached to her, at least 189.544 euro. These are firstly nearly 8,000 euros more than in a 911 GT3 RS and secondly the best price will be that for a long time, you pay R for a 911. Market launch is 2016.(sw) in may