Subaru WRX STi before the end of

Friedberg, 20. November 2017

The Subaru WRX STi is getting close to the finish line of his life. At least what the European market is concerned, because in the early summer of 2018, the production for the country's displaced model is set. We say Adieu to the sport sedan with the large rear wing and the boxer engine.

Closing after 16 years

The WRX STi is, since 2001, in Germany, the Top model in the Impreza range and always goes with permanent all-wheel drive. In the current model generation of the four-cylinder boxer engine of 2.5 liters displacement draws at least 300 HP. A lot of horses, Yes, but compared to the ever-increasing sportsman Compact-competition is not a real selling point. So Subaru was able to sell according to the Federal motor transport authority since 2011, only 859 units in Germany.

A small fan base

"The WRX STi is a small, but loyal community of fans", also knows of the Subaru-Germany-in-chief Christian Amenda. "The increasingly stringent emission regulations in Europe, complicate the conditions for such a classic athlete, which is why the manufacturer has opted for a stop in production," said Amenda.

What will the future bring?

How it goes with Subaru and the sport sedans? An Outlook on a possible new arrival in this Segment, the manufacturer is delivered at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017, with the VIZIV Performance Concept. This was a design study with an almost identical length of 4.63 meters (the WRX STi 4.60 meters) measures. We should be excited about.(ml)