Stunt Motorcycle with Samba in the blood

Munich, October 7 2015

It's colorful, agile and loud. We are talking about BMW Concept G Stunt 310, a stunt machine from BMW Motorrad, which will be presented in Brazil. The bike, whose development also four times World Stunt Riding Champion Chris Pfeiffer is involved, will be presented at the Salao Duas Rodas in Sao Paulo ?? the largest bicycle trade show in South America ( 7 to 12 October 2015).

Single-cylinder engine and a vertical exhaust

Based on the stunt motorcycle is a single-study with a very compact motor. The peculiarity lies in the backward inclined cylinder and the cylinder head rotated by 180 degrees. The intake has been moved forward, the rear silencer can also be mounted thanks to a rearward exhaust system upright under the seat. There he is protected and does not restrict the stunt driver.

Many stunt modifications

In the side view of the strong three-dimensional surfaces dominate the look of the G 310. The broad shoulders is amplified by the front fascia even further. To make the motorcycle stunt capable some modifications were installed: a detectable gas and a slight speed change on the rear axle are among the drive-side changes. A deliberately oversized rear brake is combined with another, even larger brakes, which can be operated with the left middle finger. Footrests at the front and in the seat provide plenty of options for the driver, steady himself. The motor is protected by red-painted Sturzb├╝gel. Under the back seat put the so-called " stunt tail ". It is a machined from solid aluminum frame, which also constitutes an opportunity to support the pilot.

Colorful color combination

Contrasting BMW Motorrad has come up with something special and combines the classic BMW Motorsport colors white, red and blue with the national colors of Brazil, who come along on the bike as neon tones. The powertrain is painted black to visually continue to set the lowest point at least downwards . ( mf )