Stronger than an Aventador

Sealy, Texas (United States), 21 July 2016

Sure you have thought it often: "I need a pickup truck which has more power than a Lamborghini Aventador. An absolutely natural train of thought. Especially in the Lone Star State Texas, where the "all-much faster maker" mischief drives Hennessey performance has been a quarter-century. Ford's F-150 (America's best-selling pick-up), there were already there with 600 and 650 Horsepower, to the 25th anniversary can be even a bit more now. And, although it is has accomplished a different, quite impressive birthday present with a 800 HP strong Mustang.

Every man for himself who can!

In terms of absurdity, the truck with the official name of Hennessey 25th anniversary VelociRaptor 700 is likely, but loosely outmaneuver the 800-Horsepower Mustang. It is based on the four-door SuperCrew model with 5.0-liter V8. The birthday gift comes in the form of a 2.9 litre compressor which ensures 704 HP with new injectors, an optimized air intake system, a special charge air cooler and a probably scary loud stainless - steel exhaust system. Hennessey promises a 0-60 mph value (0-97 km/h) of 4.9 seconds. Every man for himself who can!

Astray in the area

Aside from the extensive activities in the engine compartment, edited Hennessey of the F-150 with new 20-inch wheels, related with road or with elegant off-road tyres. In the wilderness, the revelers tuner with a clearly komenda front bumper complete with a very manly-looking rear bumpers, bull bars and LED light bar, a special Fox offroad chassis opening probably the worst slopes as if it were nothing supports the reckless foraging threshing. Suitable for the anniversary, Hennessey builds 25 VelociRaptor 700. For the price, there is no information. (black & white)