Sports exhaust for the Kia Stinger GT

Frankfurt, 27. November 2017

The fastest production model of the Kia brand is currently GT the Stinger. The Gran Turismo, with its 370-horsepower 3.3-Liter V6 twin turbo under the hood, which delivers its power through an eight-speed automatic to a four-wheel drive, accelerates in 4.9 seconds to 100 kph. Also, the Sound fits in the future of the driving performance, the manufacturer now has a new special equipment in the charge list.

Throaty Sound for 2.599 Euro

New to the range is a stainless steel sports exhaust with flap control. This is specifically for the Top-of-the Stinger, developed in the exhaust line begins downstream of the catalyst, and has an EC approval. In the outer tubes mounted exhaust dampers are regulated depending on the speed. Activate the flap control with a switch in the dashboard. The rear view is not changed by the system, by the way, and the price is at 2.599 Euro.

Other Variants, Market, Prices

Since the end of October 2017, the Stinger at the Kia dealer. And in addition to the Top model of the car is also available with a 2.0-Liter four-cylinder turbo diesel with 255 HP and a 2.2-litre four-cylinder Turbodiesel with 200 HP. The prices start at 43.990 Euro. For the 370-HP Version, but at least 54.900 Euro to be invested.(ml)